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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Never too old too learn something new!

Last Xmas I treated myself to some navy aran wool called Nepal from Drops 65% wool and 35% alpaca it feels nice and soft too touch.
I have enough wool for a hat, gloves and a cowl.

This is the hat it is an American pattern so a lot of the abrivation are different to the English ones, also I am having to read a chart to knit the hat.
We are away for the weekend so I brought my knitting thinking I had everything I needed till I read the instructions and realised that I needed to cast on with a crochet hook, this method was called the Emily Ocker's Circular beginning never heard of it before so I though I would not be knitting tonight, then I decided to search my handbag, as a crafty person I keep a tape measure in my handbag so why not a crochet hook, well as luck would have it I did find a crochet hook it was a freeby I got on a magazine.
On reading the instructions you are using a magic circle and creating the stitches with the crochet hook then you are able to pull it tight so there is no hole, also you start at the top of the hat another 1st for me.

8 stitches and 4 needles was fun!

It started to grow quickly, this is all the stitches for the hat doesn't look big enough to fit at the moment.

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Justine said...

That's the sign of a true crafter....A "just-in-case" crochet hook at the bottom of your handbag! That looks gorgeously soft but also terribly complicated!