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I have been stitching since the late 80's I used to knit till it went out of fashion in the 80's,I enjoy many forms of stitching hardanger,blackwork, any counted stitches, cross-stitch, Quilting,stumpwork,beading and of course my first passion which was knitting.I love the colour purple, I like to stitch samplers I love alphabets, will design my own for special occasions.I like following designer lizzie kate, brent creek,prarie schooler, shepherds bush, little house needlework, Country Cottage Needle work and many more.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Look what came to breakfast!

My hubby was just sitting down to breakfast this morning and a women was using binoculars to look at our lodge my hubby looked out to see what she was looking at and there were ducks having breakfast

Then he saw a Peacock with them it was very tame

We have never seen Peacocks on site before so we are wondering where it has come from?
This week is going fast we have been to see the red kites been fed at Tollie several times also Buzzards came down to be fed and a saw a woodpecker feeding on the feeders.

We saw a baby red squriel outside the lodge.
Yesterday we went fishing but the fish were not interested so came away without anything for tea.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Spooky Walk

As we where leaving the Potting shed I am seeing Christmas everywhere now.

After the glorious cake we went for a walk in the Forrest down the road. I just love these picnic tables.

We even found a dry river bed.

There is a sculpture park where we where walking quite spooky to look at.

This was the back view.

Lazy Day

A beautiful sunny day, decided it would be lazy day didn't want to go far, sat by the side of lock Morlick for lunch,

Then we went for a short walk.

After checking there web site to see if they were open we went to the fantastic Potting Shed.

 There were a lot of cars parked a little worried we would not get a seat in the viewing gallery to watch the bird feeding stations, but we were lucky someone was leaving as we arrived.

Not quite sure how many points too allocate this! will have to go for a swim tonight.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

1st sighting

How strange in my previous posting I mentioned had anyone seen any Christmas cards then what do I see a few hours later here when we stopped.

They even had next years calendars as well.

Off to Scotland

Our holiday to Scotland has started we have gone a bit later this year as we usually go in June we have stopped off at our favourite services, this is the view from our seating

And the usual coffee minus the tiffin as I am on a diet and we have already stopped at McDonald's for breakfast lost 4lbs last week so need to be good needs to stick to the points!

Yesterday went to the Needlecrafts and Quilt show in Harrogate, I did add to my stash but did restraine myself 

This one included knitting The Tower of London and many of the poppies where knitted.

I believe there is about 16 weeks to Christmas anyone seen any Christmas cards in the shops yet?
This year I have a big birthday Christmas week so I have managed to get a weeks holiday at work and I have booked a holiday so we will be in Austria.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Have you seen the Cats?

We go to York a lot shopping has anyone ever noticed the Cats?

All over the town center you will see cats on buildings.

There are 21 cats on buildings in York. The majority of the surviving examples date from the Victorian era, originally the statues go back too Medieval times and were put up to keep rats away, the black rat once numerous in England (before the Brown Rat muscled in) was a noted climber and would live in house lofts. The Cat statue was also ment to bring luck to the occupants. The Victorians carried on this tradition as a decorative feature. ( Cat pictures from Hubby)

You also find a lot of street performers in York.