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I have been stitching since the late 80's I used to knit till it went out of fashion in the 80's,I enjoy many forms of stitching hardanger,blackwork, any counted stitches, cross-stitch, Quilting,stumpwork,beading and of course my first passion which was knitting.I love the colour purple, I like to stitch samplers I love alphabets, will design my own for special occasions.I like following designer lizzie kate, brent creek,prarie schooler, shepherds bush, little house needlework, Country Cottage Needle work and many more.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Been a busy bee

I have managed to stitch 3 exchanges and finish them in the last 3 weeks, I have attended I gold thread workshop, a bead workshop and a knitting workshop all in the last 4 weeks. I have received 2 of the 3 exchanges back. I also visited Yarndale held at the Auction Mart in Skipton with my Mother which was fantastic all the wool and associated goodies this was there 1st show I hope they do it again next year.

 This was the 1st exchange that I posted out to Amy in the states which she has received, I made it up in to a needle case it was an ABC exchange.

I received this wonderful Needle Case from Kaytona in the States it was all finished by Hand she didn't cheat like me and use a sewing machine, the pattern from Plum Street Samplers.

 I received this from Erin in the States she stitch it on my favourite colour it is a wonderful silhouette of a witch called "Vintage Witch" which is a freebie from The Little Stitcher.

I Stitched this for Becky which she has received it is called "Waiting" From the Halloween 2012 edition of Just Cross Stitch.

This was the last exchange to be posted this went out on Monday to my exchange partner a Country Cottage Needlework pattern from Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Magazine 2011.

Then I became inspired by the Knitting workshop I attend on Sunday it was at Barr Ewe Ram a knitted jewellery workshop using HABU thread which I wanted to try as it has a stainless steel core it is very fine thread to knit with, good for lace.
I had started a jumper which I had pulled back I picked it up last night I had a shrug pattern for the same wool so I have started it this was approx 4hrs work.


stitcheranon said...

Beautiful, a real achievement. Well done xx

Lillie said...

Hi Jayne
Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Ornament from the HOE Runners Up Exchange. Loved the detailed finishing.

You've had a very productive month with lots of lovely finishes.

Debbie Smith said...

Do you have the cross stitch grid for the cute Halloween ornament called Waiting, from the 2012 cross stitch magazine. It has a cat looking into the moon. Would you please email me and if you have the pattern I would be interested in buying it from you,

Thank you
Debbie Smith