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I have been stitching since the late 80's I used to knit till it went out of fashion in the 80's,I enjoy many forms of stitching hardanger,blackwork, any counted stitches, cross-stitch, Quilting,stumpwork,beading and of course my first passion which was knitting.I love the colour purple, I like to stitch samplers I love alphabets, will design my own for special occasions.I like following designer lizzie kate, brent creek,prarie schooler, shepherds bush, little house needlework, Country Cottage Needle work and many more.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Been Busy

Well I have been busy, I have finished and posted my Prairie Schooler Exchange I have just about finished my HOE and F+S exchanges which should be posted this week, I signed up to the Little House Ornament Sal which starts 1st Dec but my chart hasn't arrived yet from the States. I have also signed up for the 2010 weekly stitch along Sal which starts in January as it will motivate me to do my birth sampler for my nephew who is been christened in May as I want to give it as a christening gift.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

1st Blogoversary

Well this is the end of my 1st year of writing a blog I have enjoyed sharing with people what I have been stitching and showing all the exchanges I have received from other people. thank you to all the people who have left comments I enjoy reading them, I do spend alot of time reading other blogs there is alot of inspiration out there you get so many idea's from seeing what other people are doing.

The other weekend I attended a workshop by Jane Greenoff of The Cross Stitch Guild with my mother, it was actually a weekend workshop but as it was only in Leeds which is 20 miles away we just attended for the day.
Jane is above(in red) showing a Lady what to do.

Since it was so close to Christmas it had a Christmas Theme, there was two projects which we were given I decided to do the Christmas Biscornu decoration which is above.

Here is my Mum she snipping her threads on the Hardanger part.

Here are some of the other ladies and off course there was a shop to add to our stash, I was very good I didn't buy anything but my Mum did.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

On holiday

Here we are again I usually always have this week off in November as there is a large Knitting and Stitching show on here in Harrogate which I will be visiting for a few days, I was quite fortunate in that I was able to visit this show in October when it was in London, you tend to find that exhibitors are different in the south and do not travel up North!! I have also booked some workshops to do which will break the day up, Saturday I will be going with my Mum and meeting some other friends there.
We have started the week at the caravan, we have been here since Thursday, hoping the weather was going to be kind to us but as usual it hasn't, we have had gales and rain so the site is very wet one of the other owner has put out duckboards as the ground is so wet he doesn't have a path to his caravan. We are here to close it down for the season which we will do on Monday before we go home at the moment we are sat on North Bay in Scarborough watching the world go by, I have my stitching and we have just had some great bacon sandwiches from a road side cafe here.