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I have been stitching since the late 80's I used to knit till it went out of fashion in the 80's,I enjoy many forms of stitching hardanger,blackwork, any counted stitches, cross-stitch, Quilting,stumpwork,beading and of course my first passion which was knitting.I love the colour purple, I like to stitch samplers I love alphabets, will design my own for special occasions.I like following designer lizzie kate, brent creek,prarie schooler, shepherds bush, little house needlework, Country Cottage Needle work and many more.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

1st squares knitted

As soon as I received the wool I couldn't wait to start the 1st square also included beads so I threaded them onto the wool first,

then I started knitting, the first square was also a cable pattern, I love doing cables have always liked knitting Aran patterns I was on nights over the weekend so I took my knitting to do in my break,

I have decided to record how long each square takes to knit so that I can see how many hours the whole blanket has taken to knit, I find knitting very relaxing.
The above square was the alternative pattern, so far I have spent 6.30hrs knitting.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

1st pattern arrived

I received the first e-mail today from Debbie Abraham for the first 3 squares of the mystery blanket, the wool has been posted to us today do not know how long that will take to arrive itching to start,
Debbie has given you choices of squares some of them are fair isle, this is not one of my favourites but she gives you a different option thank goodness, two of the blocks have beads in, never stitched with bead done taster workshops at the stitching shows so watch this space should be OK,  just need to tell myself I have been able to knit for 40 years and I can do it.
This arrived 2 days later the 1st package of wool I love the colours.


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hello 2013

It is already the 9th of Jan I hope to be more motivated with my stitching this year, last year I did a course at work which involved a lot of studying so I didn't get much stitching done, my shifts have got in the way so far worked too many evenings, I have signed up to knit a mystery blanket with Debbie Abraham the first delivery of wool should arrive next week I have bought myself some new knitting needles to do it, I have also signed up for a beginners crochet workshop in  Leeds which I found advertised in one of my magazines so I am looking forward to as this is the beginning of Feb.